Thursday, January 19, 2012

She is taking over my blog!

More V-Dog:

She told me today that everyone checks out her nails when she goes to school to look at the new design. People ask how much she has to pay to get them done. She, of course, is smug and says "Oh, just, NOTHING!"

She tells everyone her aunt does her nails and they ask if I am a professional. This... this makes me sit up a little straighter, and puff out my chest a little. Yea... I'm the coolest aunt in the world!

Below are V-Dog's nails for the next few days. I used my Orly Nail Armor as the base coat, after buffing her nails. Hopefully that will help them not peel right off. Cross your fingers everyone!

Sally Hansen "Wined Up" With Stripe Rite in Gold
Her own design. Should have cleaned up her nails BEFORE taking the picture...

<3 Duckie