Monday, February 27, 2012

Double Challenge Post!

Not much to say... just 2 days' worth of manis:



Actually had to repaint this... I didn't put a top coat on, and tried to make dinner... bad idea... looks better now!

<3 Duckie

I put the ICING on the cake...

Why hasn't anyone told me about Icing before now?!!

While Rabbit took the kids to Justice, Panda and I went over to Icing (we didn't know what it was, other than it was owned by Claire's).

We were not in the door for 10 seconds before I had 3 bottles of polish in my hands... I am in love...

These are from Rite Aid... Whimsical and Scandalous! Woot!


The whole haul! + Rabbit in the background!
Have you ever been to Icing? What do you think?

<3 Duckie

Catching up yet again...

So... Rabbit and I now share a computer. At least for right now. A certain 10 year old... knocked a full cup of soda on Rabbit's laptop.

So let's catch up from this weekend...

Kathulhu's nails were done on Saturday morning:

all free hand!

I remembered to get a picture of the colors! I did NOT remember the names...
Next up was Tiny Fingers:

That's rainbow!!!!
And Mom! We used one of my new Icing polishes (look for the haul post next!)

How many people's fingers and toes do YOU paint in a week?!

<3 Duckie

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Introducing White Lightening! [Challenge Post]

My "cousin" White Lightening stopped over tonight. He has been coming around a lot. Another stray into the household. His dog even moved in yesterday. He wants me to tell the world that he really wants to join the welder's union.

Anyway... White Lightening and I grew up together, and have had many adventures together. Stories for another day...

My mani for tonight is "Cougar Attack! Rawr!" Or... that's what I called it anyway.

Can't get a non blurry picture...

Wet N Wild "Cougar Attack" over Finger Paints "It Baroque"
Now... I'm going the fuck to bed!

<3 Duckie

Kathulhu's Camo Mani

This turned out pretty well! We used some colors that I don't remember (as usual... and... let's just face it, I will never remember to write the colors down with her... its like a mental block...)

Anyway... I'm tired and can't think of anything to say... Check it out...

Stamped like 4 colors

<3 Duckie

Jinx attempt 2... fail again! [Challenge Post]

UGH! Why do I keep trying these?!

Literally before I was done with all 10 fingers, my right hand was already chipping. These lasted... 3 hours? If not shorter. Do NOT buy Jinx Nail Polish Strips from 5 Below...

See them chipping already?
Fuck that.

<3 Duckie

ANOTHER Haul... sheesh!

Just some Pictures... trying to get everything updated...

Went shopping with Rabbit and Panda on Saturday... went to Claire's and 5 Below.

BTW... Little Fingers got her EARS PIERCED!!!! SHE WAS SO GOOD! Didn't cry at ALL!!!!

Claire's polishes thanks to Rabbit!

3 for $5!

WOOT! Can't wait to use these!!!

<3 Duckie

"Mini" Haul, and V-dog learning the art of nail shopping...

Monday, Panda, Rabbit, V-Dog and I went out to dinner, and I made them stop at the local Sally's... it was in the same parking lot!

I did really good! I actually didn't find anything I wanted. Then Panda and Rabbit went outside... some how I managed to find all of this:

And V-Dog has been watching Jerseylicious  a little bit too much, and found 2 sets of press on nails. Granted... they are totally awesome! She also found a cute little kitty nail file! I actually spent more money on her than I did myself! Woot!

Below is the first set of nails V-Dog got. Unfortunately they only lasted about half a day. By the time she got home from school, 4 of them had fallen off. Oh well!

What do ya think?!

<3 Duckie

Messed up Mani time! [Challenge Post]

On Sunday, I wanted to do something different. Here is the result:

Sally Hanson Mellow Yellow, and Hue

It's so bright! I love it. Now check out
  1. My Index finger has been chopped ALL the way back
  2. There is a dent in the middle finger because I was helping Panda file, and my nails were apparently not dry after 3 hours...
Turned out pretty nice though!

<3 Duckie

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FINALLY Got to Paint Panda's FINGERnails!

Panda's job doesn't allow her to have her fingernails painted! While I find this atrocious, and could never do it, some how she manages. Her toes are another story. We are always making plans to paint her toesies (notice I say PLANS because we usually don't get to do it... damn crazy schedules!)

On Friday night Panda came over after work, and since we were going on an ADVENTURE Saturday, we thought it would be a PERFECT time to paint her fingers! And so we did!

These are both OPI polishes, but I don't remember at all...

Pretty good pictures right? Well, what if I told you that midway through her manicure, Panda was fast asleep. I have no idea how she did it... and I have no idea how I managed to finish with her pulling her hand back. It was fun! I also have a picture of her painted nails and her fast alseep... but... I'll just keep that for blackmail! Muahahahah!!!!

<3 Duckie

Friday, February 17, 2012

Discount Sally Haul! WOOT!


Just LOOK at these colors!

I got 5 of the Orly Mineral FX colors!!!! DISCOUNTED... woot!

All of this for 30ish bucks! (ASP sample pack of acrylic $10.99, FREE this month at Sally's, but make sure they know... I got charged for mine and had to go back in...)

L to R: Orly Rock-It, Rococo A-Go-Go, Stone Cold, Rock the World and Emberstone

L to R: China Glaze Lemon Fizz, Westside Warrior, Haunting, Trendsetter

Savvy Deep Amethyst, and Finger Paints Cerulean Seascape


China Glazes

Ever have an exciting haul like this?!

<3 Duckie

50th Post! Neat! [Challenge Post]

I'm kind of disappointed that this won't be a long post...

So... since I have to use all of stamps, and there were 5 "heart" type stamps left... I thought... why not do a Valentine's theme. No one will no how long I have had this mani on (well, except for YOU guys!)

Now for some horrible cell phone pictures (seriously... worst yet...)

Colors Used: Sally Hansen Shell we Dance, CQ No Name, Orly Ma Cherie, Finger Paints Watermelon Watercolor, Revlon Cupid, Nicole by OPI Love Your Life

Turned out pretty okay though! Also, notice my middle and ring finger are slightly shorter and more shaped? Yea... I never thought there would be a day that the words "My nails are too long" came out of my mouth...

<3 Duckie

Painting my nails... [Challenge Post]

So after V-Day, it was time to change the Darth Maul nails (Rabbit assumed I was going to leave them on forever...)

We were able to come home early on Wednesday, and I was able to get an early start on my nails... or I thought...

Mom: "Can you paint my nails tonight?"
Me: "Sure..." (At this point I was taking off the old polish... foil method. I was not messing with 3 layers of glitter and a crackle coat.)

5 minutes later, V-Dog gets home from school.

V-Dog: "Oh! Can you paint my nails tonight?! You said we could water marble!"
Me: "Yes... It just takes a while to do that... how about we do an accent nail of it?"

This is a good compromise for her (she only sulked a little!) and goes off to do her homework.

My nails are ready to paint!

Mom: "Okay, ready!"


BUT, it turned out okay. Mom is into creams, and I had picked up 2 Nina Ultra Pro creams thinking of her.

So, after dinner was V-Dog's turn. Without even thinking, I started the process. Unfortunately, the water was too cold, and the colors weren't dotting well. I ended up heating up the water (one LOW) for about 5 minutes to get it to work. And work it did! 

Stupid blurry cell phone picture!

FINALLY! It was my turn. By this point it was 8:30, and I was tired. I picked out 2 colors that I didnt think would really go together, but, I didn't really care at that point either.

Sally Hansen Tender Mulberry, and Confetti Purple Pizzazz
 Surprisingly, it turned out pretty ok!

But, then I went to bed. I was reading, and notice a smudge. I looked closely at all of my nails, and all but my right thumb nail were messed up. I tried to unsmudge.  That was when I realized the nail polish was not dry at ALL on the base coat. I was able to push all of the polish down in one sheet.

This ended up being a nail fail. Thursday morning was spent removing the remainder of the polish, and applying a base coat, while waiting for Rabbit.


Anyone else have a big nail let down?

<3 Duckie