Saturday, February 11, 2012

My First, and LAST Ulta Haul...

So, I was super excited to find out there is an Ulta in my area! I found it last week, and after work yesterday, Rabbit and I made the journey. He wants me to let everyone know he did NOT want to go in.

So, we enter the store, and I am immediately overwhelmed. I have no idea which way to go, or what to do. I grabbed a bag/basket thing and started wandering.

I quickly found a Butter London display. My first instinct is is to look for clearance. Hmm... no clearance... okay... well, let's just see what they have... Hmmm... what is this? Disco Biscuit... pink... love it... glitter... cool... wait that glitter looks like Motley...

And that is the story of my first Butter London polish.

I do some more meandering. And find OPI mecca. Oh yea, and the new Holland collection came out yesterday. I got a mini collection with: I have a Herring Problem, Red lights ahead... Where?, Kiss me on the Tulips, and Pedal Faster Suzi! Totally love them. I also got a full size bottle of Vampsterdam.

Rabbit picked out OPI Significant Other Color and Diva of Geneva. I also picked up Super Bass Shatter, since I don't have a crackle in that color.

On the way to the cashier, I found they were having a buy one get one type sale for Sally Hanson. So I grabbed Plum's the Word and Gentle Blossom.

PHEW! How about some pictures!
OH! I forgot about my Seche Restore! It was the whole reason I went!

This baby (Significant Other Color) The picture doesn't do it justice. This may be my favorite color EVER...

Now, you ask why this is my "LAST" trip? Because the people there were pretentious, and it showed. They made me feel like I was not welcome in their store, and that I was below them. Plus, I could have bought all of this for cheaper online. And, No clearance?! WTF?! 

I love these colors, and am super stoked to be able to use them. 
Have any of you been to an Ulta? What are your feelings? Did you have a similar experience? Or a completely opposite experience?

 <3 Duckie


  1. Lovely colors, and I have not been to one of the stores...will probably never go, I don't like those kinds of sales people :(

  2. I agree, most of the people who work at my local Ulta are suuuper snobby. I once went in asking for Essie-Matte About You, because I had been told they DID have it and also carried it online. I asked two different girls, both of which didn't even know what I was talking about and seemed to brush me off. The next time I went back... THERE IT WAS, with the other Essies. It had just been out of stock. *sigh*