Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Mini" Haul from Hot Topic

So, I needed new earrings (am planning to stretch to 00), so after work, Rabbit and I headed to Hot Topic. Warpaint Beauty was buy one get one half off...

Top L to R: WarPaint Beauty Galaxy and Slime, Bottom L to R: Pin Up, Dirty Pink

Clockwise from Top: LA Girl Rupture, Explode, and Fracture

y7u66666666666666666666h < ---- This was my cat. I decided to leave it because I think she may be telling me something :D --- Hot Topic Hot Pink and Dark Pink, both Glow in the Dark

L to R: Galaxy, Pinup, Slime, Dirty Pink, Hot Pink, Dark Pink, Rupture, Explode, and Fracture (Last 3 are crackles that didn't crackle on the plastic...)
<3 Duckie

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  1. Cool colours indeed! I especially like the hot pink! :)