Current Nail Polish Collection

This is my list... I'll "cross off" as I go!  [Also, does anyone know how to import from Excel to here without it turning into... this?]

*Note: Colors listed in BLUE have been removed from the list due to poor quality, and unusability (ex. polish dry in bottle)

Maker                  Name
Art Club                Electric Universe (Striper)
Art Club                Psychedelic Dream (Striper)
Art Club                Sunny (Striper)
Art Club                Black (Striper)
Art Club                Holo Glitter (Striper)
Art Club               Black Squares (Strips)
Art Club               Black Cirles (Strips)
Art Club               Rhinestones
China Glaze         Shower Together
China Glaze         Ruby Pumps
China Glaze         Awakening
China Glaze         Spontaneous
China Glaze         Some Like it Haute
China Glaze         Thataway
China Glaze         Velvet Bow
China Glaze         Black Diamond
China Glaze         Pool Party
China Glaze         Reggae to Riches
China Glaze         Cha Cha Cha
China Glaze         Dorothy Who?
China Glaze         Holly-Day
China Glaze         Ring in the Red
China Glaze         Twinkle Lights
China Glaze         Crushed Candy (Crackle)
China Glaze         Haute Metal (Crackle)
Compact              Crystals
Compact              Drops
Compact              Purple Raindrops
Compact              Pink Raindrops
Compact              Purple drops
Compact              Hearts
Compact              Pink stars
Compact              Pink Flowers
Compact              Blue Drops
Compact              Pearls
Compact              Green Bowties
Compact              Blue Bowties
Confetti               Party Palace Blue
Confetti               Purple Pizzazz
CoverGirl             Blue You
CQ                     Mystique
Expressions Girl  Tangerine
Expressions Girl  Green
Expressions Girl  Blue
Expressions Girl  Orange
Expressions Girl  Yellow
Expressions Girl  Pink
Expressions Girl  Purple
Expressions Girl  Blue (round bottle)
Expressions Girl  Green (round bottle)
Expressions Girl  Blue Glitter (round bottle)
Expressions Girl  Green Glitter (round bottle)
Expressions Girl  Light Pink Glitter (round bottle)
Expressions Girl  Medium Pink Glitter (round bottle)
Expressions Girl  Hot Pink Glitter (Round bottle)
Expressions Girl  Pink (round bottle)
Expressions Girl  Peach (round bottle)
Expressions Girl  Diseased Semen (round bottle)
Expressions Girl  Cream (round bottle)
Expressions Girl  Peach Glitter (round bottle)
Finger Paints       Twisted
Finger Paints       Hue are You?
Finger Paints       Watermelon
Finger Paints       JT Baroque
Funky Fingers      Lavender
Funky Fingers      Violet
Funky Fingers      Indigo Glitter
Funky Fingers      Grape
Funky Fingers      White Scales (Crackle)
Funky Fingers      Gold Scales (Crackle)
Funky Fingers      Orange Scales (Crackle)
Funky Fingers      Blue Scales (Crackle)
Funky Fingers      Burgundy Scales (Crackle)
Funky Fingers      Purple Scales (Crackle)
Funky Fingers      Teal Scales (Crackle)
Handmade          Satin White
Hard Candy         Beetle
Hello Kitty           Grey
Hello Kitty           Blue Glitter
Hello Kitty           Hot Pink
Hello Kitty           Light Pink
Hello Kitty           Medium Pink
Hello Kitty           Chunky Pink Glitter
Hello Kitty           Pink Glitter
Hot Topic            Aqua
Jinx                     Red and Black Plaid (Strips)
Jinx                     Pink Stripes (Strips)
Kiss                    Orange (Striper)
Kiss                   Yellow (Striper)
Kiss                    Purple Glitter (Striper)
L.A. Colors          Pink Glitter
L.A. Colors          Purple Glitter
L.A. Colors          Blue Glitter
L.A. Colors          Iridescent Glitter
L.A. Colors          Holo Glitter
LA Girl                 Shattered (Crackle)
LA Girl                 Blast (Crackle)
Milani                  Tiptoe Pink
Mary Kay             Coral Stone
Mary Kay             Plush Plum
Mary Kay             Goldleaf
Mary Kay             Pink Sand
Mary Kay             Lavish Sable
Nail Art Strip       Dots, Hearts, Stars, Moons
Nail Art Strip       Bows, Flowers
Nail Art Strip       Pandas, birds, cartoon animals
Nail Art Strip       Flowers
Nail Art Strip       Hearts, Flowers
Nail Art Strip       HK bows, Stars, bolts, Hearts
Nail Art Strip       Letters, symbols
Nail Art Strip       butterflies, flowers, vines
Nail Art Strip       stars, bubbles, bolts, HK bows
Nail Art Strip       Flowers (pink, purple, white)
NYC                   Big Money Frost
NYC                  Times Square Tangerine Crème
NYC                 Skin Tight Denim Crème
NYC                  Empire State Blue
OPI                    My Lifesaver
OPI                   Make Mine Lime
OPI                     Moon Over Mumbai
OPI                   Love Your Life
Orly                  Ma Cherie
Orly                   Androgynie
Orly                    Retro Red
Orly                  Love Each Other
Orly        Oui
Orly        Shining Star
Orly        Pointe Blanche (French Tip)
Pure Ice               Super Star
Pure Ice               Flirt Alert
Revlon   Blue Lagoon
Revlon   Not so Blueberry
Revlon   Ocean Breeze
Revlon   Cupid
Revlon   Cotton Candy
Sally Girl               Hot Pink
Sally Girl               Black
Sally Girl               Neon Purple
Sally Girl               Chunky Silver Glitter
Sally Girl               Chunky Pink Glitter
Sally Girl               Iridescent Glitter in Pink
Sinful Colors       Slate
Sinful Colors       Envy
Sinful Colors       Ruby Ruby
Sinful Colors       Purple Diamond
Scented Hot Pink (Strawberry)
Scented Green, Sparkly (Watermelon)
Scented Blue (Tropical Fruit)
Scented Teal (Cotton Candy)
Scented Purple, Sparkly (Bubble Gum)
Sally Hansen       Spectrum
Sally Hansen       Hue
Sally Hansen       Virtual Violet
Sally Hansen       In the Spotlight
Sally Hansen       Wined Up
Sally Hansen       Thinking of Blue
Sally Hansen       Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen       Black Diamond
Sally Hansen       Shell We Dance
Sally Hansen       White Tip
Sally Hansen       Precious Pearl
Sally Hansen       Grass Slipper
Sally Hansen       Fairy Teal
Sally Hansen       Lacey Lilac
Sally Hansen       Wet Cement
Sally Hansen       Tender Mulberry
Sally Hansen       Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen       Sunrise Sunset
Sally Hansen       Pink Chrome (pen)
Sally Hansen       Gold Chrome (pen)
Sally Hansen       Green Chrome (pen)
Sally Hansen       Purple Chrome (pen)
Sally Hansen       Turquoise Chrome (pen)
Sally Hansen       Le Bon Bon (pen)
Sally Hansen       "Vampire's Kiss"
Sally Hansen       Cry Baby (Strips)
Sally Hansen       Skulls (Strips)
Sally Hansen       Wild Child (Strips)
Sally Hansen       Kitty, Kitty (Strips)
Snowman            Purple and Blue Glitter
Shades of the Season      Green Glitter
Shades of the Season      Red Glitter
Shades of the Season      Fuschia Glitter
Shades of the Season      Purple Glitter
Shades of the Season      Pink Glitter
Shades of the Season      Light Blue Glitter
Shades of the Season      Dark Blue Glitter
Shades of the Season      Iridescent Glitter
Shades of the Season      Silver Glitter
Shades of the Season      Taupe Glitter
Stamping Plate   SE21
Stamping Plate   SE18
Stamping Plate   SE20
Stamping Plate   SE19
Stamping Plate   SE22
Stencils Assorted
Stripe Rite           Hot Pink (Striper)
Stripe Rite           White (Striper)
Stripe Rite           Black (Striper)
Stripe Rite           Neon Green (Striper)
Stripe Rite           Silver (Striper)
Stripe Rite           Gold (Striper)
Stripe Rite           Pink Glitter (Striper)
Stripe Rite           Lavender Glitter (Striper)
Stripe Rite           Purple Glitter (Striper)
Stripe Rite           Iridescent Glitter (Striper)
WarPaint             Pretty in Pink
WarPaint             Purple Haze
WarPaint             Volcano (Crackle)
Wet & Wild         Heavenly
Wet & Wild         Orange
Wet & Wild         Hanna Pinktana
Wet & Wild         Saved By the Blue
Wet & Wild         The Gold and the Beautiful
Wet & Wild         Silvivor
Wet & Wild         Buffy the Violet Slayer
Wet & Wild         Cougar Attack
Wet & Wild         Gray's Anatomy

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  1. Was there really a polished called "Diseased Seaman"?

    Do I even wanna know what hue that one was?