Tuesday, January 31, 2012

STAMP ALL THE THINGS! [Challenge Post]

This is very subtle, but I love it! See for yourself:

Base color is Sally Hansen Precious Pearl, Stamping colors are SH Gold Chrome and Pink Chrome (both "Pens")

Added a little gem for "flare"!
Not too bad for my first attempt right? What do you think? Have you tried stamping?

<3 Duckie

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My sister has better nails than me!

So, Kathulhu wanted to try water marbling...
This is why the most important step of water marbling is TAPING YOUR NAILS!

I have no idea what colors I used... Finger Paints, Savvy, Milani, Sally Girl, Sally Hansen (Remembering the bottles)

Turned out phenomenal!
By the time we were done with her nails, I was exhausted! So I whipped this up:
3 different colored dots: No name Teal (smells like Tropical Fruit!), NYC Empire State Blue (cant really see it) and the little ones are NYC Skin Tight Denim. Base color is Sally Hanson Turquoise Chrome (One of those "pens")

While I do REALLY like my mani, I love Kathulhu's. I am FINALLY getting the hang of water marbling!

<3 Duckie

Quick note about Giveaways...

Hey gals, I added a "Giveaways" page, to help everyone find exciting giveaways! Check it out! I will try to keep it as updated!

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Sally's Online Haul

China Glaze Crackles in: Heartbroken, Cracked Concrete, Latticed Lilac, and Oxidized Aqua ($2.99ea)

China Glaze Crackle in Fault Line, and Belle of the Ball set ($3.99, but turned out to be free!)

Savvy Chocolate Mint and In the Mauve ($1.99 ea)

Another bottle of Seche Vite ($6.95), and an Orly gift set ($5.99)

GLITTER! ($.99ea)


Extreme close up

Extreme Close up #2!
Also got: Nail Wheels, Orly Nail Repair, Butterfly clips, Crystal nail file, nail brightener/whitener, and 3 free mini bottles of a hair glaze. All for $53 bucks! I used coupons,  and shipping is free is a $50 order (hence the nail brighteners!)

OMG... what did I do?! I'm loving all of this!
<3 Duckie

Thursday, January 26, 2012

V-Dog's Rainbow Zebra nails

Oh, these are just AWESOME!!!!

She said these are the best ones we have done so far!

<3 Duckie

"Sick" presents

Since I have been sick all week, Rabbit and Panda were kind enough to get me some presents:
Avon White crackle, Spoiled -Designated Driver, and some gems!

Thanks guys!

I have never head of Spoiled before. But the color is really rich. I can't wait to try it!

<3 Duckie

Getting back on track...

I know... I feel like I haven't posted all week. Well, let's get back on track and caught up, shall we?

On Friday, I painted Kathulhu's nails. I'll let them speak for themselves!
Orly Au Champagne, with Stripe Rite pink and lilac glitters

<3 Duckie

Monday, January 23, 2012

About That Lost MIni Challenge...

 I wish my brain was functioning enough to give a good and clear description of my nails right now. I'm sick, and heavily medicated (weee) which might be a good thing now that I think about it...

 Currently on my nails is a flurry of color.

Pinky to Thumb: Art club psychedelic dream dots over funky fingers [ light purple], Avon (not mine) Cotton Candy under LA Colors blue glitter, kleancolor crackle green (not mine, but I think I might steal it) over MK Coral Stone, Expressions Girl Green under Sally Girl In Love (chunky pink glitter), Art Club electric universe X over Funky FIngers [DARK PURPLE]

All fingers have MK Gold Leaf and Orly Oui, THUMB TO PINKY: stripe rite [purple glitter] dots, China Glaze Ruby Pumps "L", Ruby Pumps "half", Art Club Sunny "web", Stripe Rite Neon Pink "Star?", Funky Fingers Purple Glitter (cant really see it) and China Glaze Ruby Pumps "Square"

I'm actually not completely revolted by my nails. I was planning on doing a Mary Kay "series", but that got scrapped. I cant use any of these colors anymore, until the challenge is completely over.

Bonus Panda Toes with Ruby Pumps
<3 Duckie

Another Sally's Haul! All sale/ clearance!

I've got a horrible cold, so this will be quick. That doesn't mean I am any less excited about it, as a haul always makes me.

Sally Beauty Supply: all clearance/sale only $14 and change for all 6 of these polishes!

 L to R: Orly Twilight, Finger Paints Comet's Collar, Savvy Ice Pink and Blue Frost, Nina Ultra Pro Ink-ling and Bittersweet.

Orly Twilight, Finger Paints Comet's Collar, Savvy Ice Pink

Savvy Blue Frost, Nina Ultra Pro Ink-ling and Bittersweet

<3 Duckie

She's a Lucky Duckie

Mom's latest pick: Orly Lucky Duck

These pictures are pre clean up, because I was so excited about the color.  I love the color. She loves green, but wasn't impressed with this. I think she likes cremes though, so I will have to dig up some.

<3 Duckie

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brown, isn't as boring as it sounds [Challenge Post]

Make sure you look at the bottom of this post, there are questions that I need answers to!

Some of you... okay, very few of you know that I am a Mary Kay lady. Yea. That's right. Laugh it up. I'll wait...

ANYWAY... My love for all things polish include having all of the MK polishes that have come out since I started selling.

Last night I used the first bottle from my collection of 5. I literally only bought this polish because it was polish. I'm not a "brown" girl. It is just so... NEUTRAL! But, it is in my collection, so I might as well get it out of the way.

Holy Crap! I LIKE IT... it reminds me of milk chocolate. It is so rich! My nails were fully covered in 2 coats, but I put a 3rd coat on to make sure the color was even. I added some gold stripes, and they really pop!

 I love this polish!
Mary Kay "Lavish Sable"

1. Have you ever tried Mary Kay polishes?
2. Do you like give aways?
3. When would be a good time to do a give away? When someone reaches 50 followers? When someone reaches 100 followers? When someone is at 43 followers, and wants to reward those that came first?!

<3 Duckie

She is taking over my blog!

More V-Dog:

She told me today that everyone checks out her nails when she goes to school to look at the new design. People ask how much she has to pay to get them done. She, of course, is smug and says "Oh, just, NOTHING!"

She tells everyone her aunt does her nails and they ask if I am a professional. This... this makes me sit up a little straighter, and puff out my chest a little. Yea... I'm the coolest aunt in the world!

Below are V-Dog's nails for the next few days. I used my Orly Nail Armor as the base coat, after buffing her nails. Hopefully that will help them not peel right off. Cross your fingers everyone!

Sally Hansen "Wined Up" With Stripe Rite in Gold
Her own design. Should have cleaned up her nails BEFORE taking the picture...

<3 Duckie

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jinx stickers are jinxed [Challenge Post]

First thing first: I had a peeling nail that I noticed after taking off the hideous green on Monday. Thankfully, I had picked up Orly Nail Rescue kit at Sally's on Friday. It says it is 3 easy steps, and they actually mean it!

I brushed on the glue, dipped my finger in the powder, then did that process again. My nail was super strong! I buffed to make it smooth, and applied my Orly Nail Armor to smooth it out more. Then started painting...

I chose Shades of the Season (a generic set of polishes that came in a long tub, from CVS) "Pink Glitter" is what I call it, as none of them have names. I was, and continue to be super impressed with this polish. After 3 days of wear, I don't see much of a problem.

Now, I wanted an accent finger, but was being lazy, so I though I would use some of my nail polish strips. I picked Jinx "Pink Stripes" (also not named). Now, I have used the Sally Hansen strips before, and thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. These were more "sticker" than polish in my opinion. I was not impressed. In addition to that, about half an hour after I was done taking pictures and doing my thing, THEY CAME OFF! They peeled right off. What the fuck? heck?

So, I reapplied, but this time I put a coat of the SotS pink on, and it looked even better than before. Guess what? THEY CAME RIGHT OFF AGAIN! So, by this time, I am fully annoyed, and tired of screwing with them, so I just painted my index fingers pink like the other nails.

Again, I am super impressed with the color and glitter factor of this "cheap" Shades of the Season polish! There are 6 or so more for me to use! Check your local CVS, they might still have some! Only $10 for 7 or 8 colors!

I'm not sure if I will repaint tonight, or just redo my index fingers (I didn't put a thick enough coat on, plus one of my fingernails peeled.) I guess we will find out :D

<3 Duckie

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well that didn't turn out right... [Challenge Post]

So... just a quick post. I had a mani from Sunday night into Monday that was done with Expressions Girl "Green", and a Kiss Yellow striper.

I pulled out my polishes and was swatching and messing with them, and before I realized it was 10 o'clock at night! So, I hurriedly painted my nails, and made some cross hatches in the yellow.

I was literally so tired, and ready for bed, I forgot to take pictures. Which doesn't matter because they smudged anyway, and I had thick spots that I couldn't stand, so it was picked off throughout the day on Monday.

Instead of a polish pictures, have some of my kitties...



<3 Duckie

A lesson in wild with my mom

When my mom saw my nails from the hypnotic purple post, she told me she wanted to try that on her nails. Haha, sure mom...

Cut to last night... She had her mind set on getting her fingernails painted purple. I tried to talk her down to a more muted color, but she wanted Wet n Wild's Buffy the Violet Slayer. She hardly ever wears nail polish, so it was stunned by this.

Surprisingly, this color looks really good on her, although I don't know that I have ever seen her in such a bright color.

I lathered up her cuticles and fingers with lots of oil because they are quite rough and dry.
Love you Momma!

<3 Duckie

"Kathulhu's" CrAzY nAiLs!

Not really.
I asked my sister what she wanted me to call her on "the interwebs"... she came up with Kathulhu. Like chtulhu.


Anyway, she was at my house Friday when I got home with my latest haul, and asked about getting her nails repainted.


We went tOtAlLy CrAzY this time! Not really...

We did a funky french with Orly Crawford's Wine for the tip, and some sparkly lines. We are getting there. Soon enough her nails will be mine to paint as I please. <---- SISTER DON'T READ THAT PART!

<3 Duckie