Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First mini challenge fail, and haul

So, Rabbit and Panda decided I wasn't being challenged enough. To combat this, they told me my first mini challenge: Go to Sally's and ONLY get what is on your list, and no polish.

Okay... I can do this... I want to get some nails to swatch, Orly Nail Rescue, and Orly Nailtrition. No problem! That should satisfy my paycheck polish itch (you know, that thing that happens every time you get a pay check, and have to IMMEDIATELY go shopping for more polish... and I get paid every week!)

My reward for winning the mini challenge will be one polish earned back, or one new polish (from the polishes I have purchased after the Challenge started.) Oh! Sweet!

If I fail this mini challenge, Rabbit and Panda will each be allowed to paint 1 hand, and I will be REQUIRED to go in public with them... And Rabbit is a sick... sick... *shivers* I CANNOT lose.

V-Dog went into the store with me, to help me stay strong. And we did GREAT! For 5 whole seconds! Then... I saw the Savvy on sale for $1.99. DAMN IT. No. I looked, but didn't put anything in my basket. PHEW! I went and gathered my Orly products, then spent about 10 minutes looking for the cheap nail tips, only to realize this store doesn't carry the cheap ones. That's okay... I make my selection, and head back up to the front. And I see it. On the floor, in the corner... A Savvy Holo. Crap... And to her credit, V-Dog tried to get me to the cashier... until I bribed her with a hair feather and a bottle of blue Savvy. I ended up getting 4 Savvy's, because, if I was going to fail... what the hell, right?

But then the most magical thing happened, that would have made me lose the mini challenge, even if I wouldn't have bought the Savvy's. Get this... There was a woman who was just leaving as I was coming in. When I was checking out, there was a box mixed in with my stuff that I didn't recognize. I picked it up, and almost fainted. the clerks says "That woman just returned it."

I blink once or twice, as I couldn't believe my eyes. Ladies... it was the ORLY BIRDS OF A FEATHER COLLECTION! My response to the clerk "I want this."

The clerk has to ask her boss, who gives the OK.

The most bestest, awesomest, fantastic part? IT WAS ONLY SIX DOLLARS. Three full size bottles of Orly... all of which I have been drooling over since I have started this obsession hobby! I almost hugged V-Dog I was so happy. And I hate touching!

Obviously, it was meant to be, which is why I lost the  mini challenge...

I didn't tell Rabbit until we got home. I ALMOST got away with it, as he was distracted by the kids. Unfortunately, I was too excited, and had to take pictures RIGHT away. He caught me. He was not amused. I am now scared for my nails. You know what though? It was totally worth it!
L to R: Orly Sweet Peacock, Lucky Duck, and Fowl Play
L to R: Savvy Red Caviar, Touch of glitter, French Rose Opal Frost, Teal
TL;DR: I lost my very first mini challenge because I got Orly Birds of a Feather Collection for $6.

<3 Duckie


  1. You managed well for quite a bit!
    Will there be pics of the nails? :D

  2. Wooo wonderful haul!! 6 dollars??? That is awesome! :D

  3. Great haul!!!! I bought some of those savvy's too!