Saturday, January 28, 2012

My sister has better nails than me!

So, Kathulhu wanted to try water marbling...
This is why the most important step of water marbling is TAPING YOUR NAILS!

I have no idea what colors I used... Finger Paints, Savvy, Milani, Sally Girl, Sally Hansen (Remembering the bottles)

Turned out phenomenal!
By the time we were done with her nails, I was exhausted! So I whipped this up:
3 different colored dots: No name Teal (smells like Tropical Fruit!), NYC Empire State Blue (cant really see it) and the little ones are NYC Skin Tight Denim. Base color is Sally Hanson Turquoise Chrome (One of those "pens")

While I do REALLY like my mani, I love Kathulhu's. I am FINALLY getting the hang of water marbling!

<3 Duckie


  1. Love the water marble! Came out great! I also love dots!

  2. Great water marble :)
    And your mani is nice too :)

  3. you know we are totally marbling them again this week... different colors obviously
    p.s. the stamping is cute, cant wait to see in person