Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nails for the sis and niece...

 So, this weekend was a busy weekend, but I still managed to get some nails painted!

 Dear World,
 I present to you, my eldest niece, V-Dog:

And her Awesome nails:

Not sure what colors these are. Its a China Glaze and a Funky Fingers...

Unfortunately, when I did her nails, I messed up the polish from my manicure on Thursday night. So I had to redo my nails (see next post for that.)

Now, on to my sister. On NYE I painted her nails 2 shades of bright pink. A few days later, she took the polish off, and I was going to redo them. She "meh"-ed and said she really didn't like her nails painted. To me, her nails are like... my messiah. Long, strong, healthy. And she doesn't even do anything to them! UGH!

But Saturday, after getting home from Christmas dinner (yes...) at my dad's, she let me do a french manicure. We started around 6pm, and finally finished at 9pm. I had a ridiculous time with the guides, and her nails not being dry. It was frustrating, but I still enjoyed it, cause I got to paint nails.

ANYWAY... they did turn out really well, and she love them:

SH "Shell We Dance?" and Orly White Tip

Not bad for one of my first attempts at a french right?!

<3 Duckie


  1. I do love them, I have not removed the polish, they still look beautiful... they haven't chipped like they normally do.
    I think the difference is that base coat you put on.
    I'm constantly looking at them... love love love the way my nails look right now!

  2. also i think you mean mecca not messiah

  3. Your niece is so cute! Love her nails, you can see how happy she is!

  4. That looks like so much fun! I wish I had more girly friends so I could do their nails!

    I found you on the Reddit Lacqueristas Linky Party, btw! :D