Saturday, December 31, 2011

Challenge Accepted!!!

It has taken about 7 hours to get everything set up, I haven't even had a chance to paint my nails for New Year's Eve! Without further ado, The Challenge Rules...

The Rules of Engagement
Challengers: Rabbit and Panda
Challengee: Duckie (BlueBedBug)
Count of polishes: 163
Count of liners/nail art/ stamps: 55

  • No polish worn twice.
  • Nail art/liners may be reused after all nail art and liners are used. (Nail art and liners are considered the same “category”.)
  • Color is “counted” after being on nail for 10 minutes.
  • All polish must be applied in presence of at least 1 challenger.
  • All colors must be named, searchable, and photos posted to blog.
  • All new polishes can only be used after current supply (as of 01/01/2012) is used.
  • Strengtheners, hardeners, base/top coats may be used/ purchased as needed.
  • If polish/nail art chips or is damaged, said nail(s) can be repaired unless picked off intentionally by challengee.
  • All polishes will be marked with a sticker after used on challengee’s nails.
  • Any questions about rules must be asked to both challengers.
  • Rules are subject to change by challengers.

 Now, it is 2:40am (EST) on 01/01/2012, I have had 2 glasses of bubbly, and its time for beddy bye! I'll post my list of polishes, etc. (current "supply") tomorrow (later today) as well as my sister's NYE nails! Oh... and my 12/31 haul from Sally and Rite Aid! Happy New Year!

Before we begin... more polish!

I've had a coupon for Sally Beauty Supply burning a hole in my pocket all week. And based on this week, I know I truly have an addition. I was tired and frustrated, and felt like I was going to have a panic attack at any moment.

I'm feeling much better now...

So, I rounded up my sister, and we headed down to the city. My memory gets a bit hazy at this point, as I entered Sally's. Hours, Days, Weeks could have past... I have no idea. I was enamored and hypnotized by the glitter. By the crackle. By the nail art. I couldn't escape, and I didn't want to.

This is what I managed to snag at Sally:

 The Sally Haul

 Above, From L to R: Orly Shining Star, Orly Retro Red, CG Dorothy Who?, Sally Girl cuticle oils (2), Stripe Rite Neon Green , Finger Paints Twisted

 Above, from L to R: Finger Paints Twisted, CG Some like it Haute, Sally Girl Chunky Pink glitter, CG Haute Metal (Crackle!), Orly Nailtrition, Sally Girl Neon Pruple, (BACK) Orly Nail Armor
This was the only Special Effect FP they had... and I had to hunt for it... good thing it is the one I wanted!!!


Because I didn't hit my cash limit, and since I needed to get some medicine for a sick Rabbit, we stopped in at Rite Aid on the way home. I must admit, I was a bit unimpressed with the lack of "sales". I did manage to to snag a 1/2 off Sally Hansen Christmas package that has some cool colors, and Revlon colors were buy one get one 1/2 off.
 The Rite Aid Haul
Love her face...

Above: These are the colors that came in the kit. I was a bit skeptical of the pens, but after swatching them on my nails, I am quite impressed! Black pens are chromes (Gold, Purple, Green, Pink, Blue), the White pen is a top coat, and the pink pen is a light pink French Manicure pen. It also came with a bottle of SH Tender Mulberry

 Above, from L to R: Revlon Cotton Candy (Scented), Revlon Cupid, Revlon Ocean Breeze (Scented), Revlon Not So Blueberry (Scented), SH Virtual Violet, and SH Spectrum, oh and a crystal nail file!

 I think I need to invest in a better camera than my cell phone... these colors are phenomenal!

Yea, I have a problem... whatever!
2 layers deep, and getting heavy...

<3 Duckie

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Challenge Considered.

So, I have no idea what I am doing. This blog was created because my friends and family think I am obsessed with nail polish... ppsshhh...

A Brief history (no, really...): After finding in mid October, I quickly found /r/RedditLaqueristas and thus my "hobby" began. I have never had long nails, and have been a nail biter most of my life. In these few months, my nails have grown to be the longest they have ever been, and I am super excited about it.

With my nail growth has come my polish collection. A week before Christmas my collect stood at 70 polishes. Currently (4 days after Christmas) my polish collection stands at 140+. Yea, that's right... I have DOUBLED my collection in just 1 day!

 Collection before Christmas

 Christmas Haul

In comes the challenge. my friend Panda says to me "I bet you can't go through them all, and not use the same one twice."

Challenge considered...