Challenge Rules

The Rules of Engagement
Challengers: Rabbit and Panda
Challengee: Duckie (BlueBedBug)
Count of polishes: 163
Count of liners/nail art/ stamps: 55

  • No polish worn twice.
  • Nail art/liners may be reused after all nail art and liners are used. (Nail art and liners are considered the same “category”.)
  • Color is “counted” after being on nail for 10 minutes.
  • All polish must be applied in presence of at least 1 challenger.
  • All colors must be named, searchable, and photos posted to blog.
  • All new polishes can only be used after current supply (as of 01/01/2012) is used.
  • Strengtheners, hardeners, base/top coats may be used/ purchased as needed.
  • If polish/nail art chips or is damaged, said nail(s) can be repaired unless picked off intentionally by challengee.
  • All polishes will be marked with a sticker after used on challengee’s nails.
  • Any questions about rules must be asked to both challengers.
  • Rules are subject to change by challengers.

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