Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Boring... kinda... [Challenge Post]

My manicure for tonight is a simple one color, 2 coat polish. Rabbit chose China Glaze "Thataway", which is a creamsicley orange. It is quite pretty, and has a nice shimmer to it. It covered well with 1 coat, and looks perfect with two (and the requisite coat of Seche Vite.)

Super close up to try to show you the shimmeriness.
 Ignore the cuticles, I didn't put oil on before taking the pictures.

 This would look even better with a few nail gems, but since I am getting a professional [read: one I have to pay for...] manicure on Thursday, I just wanted to keep it simple.

Added Bonus!
I found a little basket which is perfect for my essentials. Orly Nail Armor base coat, assorted nail files, clippers, brushes, a corrector pen, and my "Used" stickers.

Pretty Neat, huh?

I'll try to post my full list of current polishes tomorrow, but that's it for now!

<3 Duckie


  1. ohh...it's so glowy! I looove that color :O

  2. I so wish I could wear oranges! Looks lovely on you!

  3. @ Polish and Charms - I haven't really found a color that I don't like with my skin tone yet... which I find odd, since a lot of people have issues with that.