Monday, January 23, 2012

About That Lost MIni Challenge...

 I wish my brain was functioning enough to give a good and clear description of my nails right now. I'm sick, and heavily medicated (weee) which might be a good thing now that I think about it...

 Currently on my nails is a flurry of color.

Pinky to Thumb: Art club psychedelic dream dots over funky fingers [ light purple], Avon (not mine) Cotton Candy under LA Colors blue glitter, kleancolor crackle green (not mine, but I think I might steal it) over MK Coral Stone, Expressions Girl Green under Sally Girl In Love (chunky pink glitter), Art Club electric universe X over Funky FIngers [DARK PURPLE]

All fingers have MK Gold Leaf and Orly Oui, THUMB TO PINKY: stripe rite [purple glitter] dots, China Glaze Ruby Pumps "L", Ruby Pumps "half", Art Club Sunny "web", Stripe Rite Neon Pink "Star?", Funky Fingers Purple Glitter (cant really see it) and China Glaze Ruby Pumps "Square"

I'm actually not completely revolted by my nails. I was planning on doing a Mary Kay "series", but that got scrapped. I cant use any of these colors anymore, until the challenge is completely over.

Bonus Panda Toes with Ruby Pumps
<3 Duckie


  1. The scary part is that she actually LIKES them!!! I must say, she was a good sport and I can't wait for Duckie to fail her next mini challenge!!!

  2. Okay these nails are so much fun!! :D I am usually not a fan of crackle, but the way this crackle looks is so badass!!

  3. I think any of those designs could make a rocking mani on its own!