Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My nail nightmare

Everyday, in everything that I do, I worry. I check and double check. Chips? Breakage? Oh GOD not breakage! My nails have become my identity. Both thumbs have already been cut the whole way off.  had to be cut back due to a break at the "wick". My left index finger had a small peel, but I managed to buff it down. 

I have no idea what I will do if one of my nails breaks. I know the feeling will be weird, and almost impossible to deal with... which would mean... *GASP* I would have to cut ALL of my nails back. 

I know... it is a silly little thing... but you all know how I feel right? 

So my question is... What would YOU do?

<3 Duckie


  1. If I break nail, I cut the others back. I can't help it, I don't like for them to be uneven!

  2. I agree with Polish and Charms: I would cut them all back to match. They always grow back, and this experience lets you experiment with different designs and colours that look awesome on shorter nails than on long ones. :D Plus, you get to use your hands more, have more contact with what you touch (the long nail tip not being in the way) and don't have to be anxious as much about being super careful with your nails. ^-^

  3. Personally, I just kinda trim the rest back, but leave them lengthy still. I cant stand it if one breaks down, I REALLY don't want them all to!!

    Also, here is the Liebster Blog award! I love following your challenge, it's so much fun!!

  4. I generally trim all of my nails as well, but I'm not super fanatic about having them all the same length, as my nail beds are lovely on three nails and oddly short on two others, resulting in a uneven appearance anyway.

    One thing I use to cope is only using lighter polishes. Or super vivid colors that tend towards tacky on longer nails.

  5. Thanks ladies!

    @Jonochi - Hooray! An Award! I saw you had one, and will need to figure out how to put it up on mine! Thanks!!!

  6. I hate trimming my nails (since they're on the short side) so I a complete fan of Orly Nail Rescue. It's saved me on three occasions now!