Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brown, isn't as boring as it sounds [Challenge Post]

Make sure you look at the bottom of this post, there are questions that I need answers to!

Some of you... okay, very few of you know that I am a Mary Kay lady. Yea. That's right. Laugh it up. I'll wait...

ANYWAY... My love for all things polish include having all of the MK polishes that have come out since I started selling.

Last night I used the first bottle from my collection of 5. I literally only bought this polish because it was polish. I'm not a "brown" girl. It is just so... NEUTRAL! But, it is in my collection, so I might as well get it out of the way.

Holy Crap! I LIKE IT... it reminds me of milk chocolate. It is so rich! My nails were fully covered in 2 coats, but I put a 3rd coat on to make sure the color was even. I added some gold stripes, and they really pop!

 I love this polish!
Mary Kay "Lavish Sable"

1. Have you ever tried Mary Kay polishes?
2. Do you like give aways?
3. When would be a good time to do a give away? When someone reaches 50 followers? When someone reaches 100 followers? When someone is at 43 followers, and wants to reward those that came first?!

<3 Duckie


  1. This is very nice, it has been years since I have used a MK polish!!

  2. I haven't tried any Mary K polishes yet, but this one is very pretty!

  3. I've tried Mary Kay products (great stuff!) but I don't know if I have tried their polishes. This one is so lovely!! :D I love giveaways! XD Hey, there is no problem at all selling their stuff; I had great fun when a Mary Kay consultant would come to the house. ^-^

  4. Haven't tried any MK polishes, only their makeup and skincare, but this is a great neutral colour! Giveaway at 50 followers I'd say ;-)

  5. Ohh, giveaways!! Love the idea! My toes are aching for some color!! That color does look rich and beautiful. Enjoy it cause Rabbit and I are painting your nails afraid, be VERY afraid.

  6.! I have never used MK...