Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jinx stickers are jinxed [Challenge Post]

First thing first: I had a peeling nail that I noticed after taking off the hideous green on Monday. Thankfully, I had picked up Orly Nail Rescue kit at Sally's on Friday. It says it is 3 easy steps, and they actually mean it!

I brushed on the glue, dipped my finger in the powder, then did that process again. My nail was super strong! I buffed to make it smooth, and applied my Orly Nail Armor to smooth it out more. Then started painting...

I chose Shades of the Season (a generic set of polishes that came in a long tub, from CVS) "Pink Glitter" is what I call it, as none of them have names. I was, and continue to be super impressed with this polish. After 3 days of wear, I don't see much of a problem.

Now, I wanted an accent finger, but was being lazy, so I though I would use some of my nail polish strips. I picked Jinx "Pink Stripes" (also not named). Now, I have used the Sally Hansen strips before, and thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. These were more "sticker" than polish in my opinion. I was not impressed. In addition to that, about half an hour after I was done taking pictures and doing my thing, THEY CAME OFF! They peeled right off. What the fuck? heck?

So, I reapplied, but this time I put a coat of the SotS pink on, and it looked even better than before. Guess what? THEY CAME RIGHT OFF AGAIN! So, by this time, I am fully annoyed, and tired of screwing with them, so I just painted my index fingers pink like the other nails.

Again, I am super impressed with the color and glitter factor of this "cheap" Shades of the Season polish! There are 6 or so more for me to use! Check your local CVS, they might still have some! Only $10 for 7 or 8 colors!

I'm not sure if I will repaint tonight, or just redo my index fingers (I didn't put a thick enough coat on, plus one of my fingernails peeled.) I guess we will find out :D

<3 Duckie


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