Thursday, January 5, 2012

Challenge Post: The professional mani

 I managed to pick 2 possible options for this manicure. If you remember, when getting a professional manicure, I have to use my own polishes.

 So off to Platinum Studio we go! Rabbit was getting his hair cut by Sarah, while I got my nails done by Crystal.

 We decided on the Revlon Ocean Breeze, with Funky Fingers Gold Scales crackle over top.

The Revlon is supposed to be scented when dry, but I honestly don't smell anything except nail polish. Also, for being what I consider a "cheapie" brand, I like how the Funky Fingers crackles...erm... crackle more so than the others I have tried.

All in all, I think Crystal did a great job! Thanks!!!!

Why are my actual challenge post so short?

<3 Duckie