Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Mini" Haul, and V-dog learning the art of nail shopping...

Monday, Panda, Rabbit, V-Dog and I went out to dinner, and I made them stop at the local Sally's... it was in the same parking lot!

I did really good! I actually didn't find anything I wanted. Then Panda and Rabbit went outside... some how I managed to find all of this:

And V-Dog has been watching Jerseylicious  a little bit too much, and found 2 sets of press on nails. Granted... they are totally awesome! She also found a cute little kitty nail file! I actually spent more money on her than I did myself! Woot!

Below is the first set of nails V-Dog got. Unfortunately they only lasted about half a day. By the time she got home from school, 4 of them had fallen off. Oh well!

What do ya think?!

<3 Duckie

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