Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FINALLY Got to Paint Panda's FINGERnails!

Panda's job doesn't allow her to have her fingernails painted! While I find this atrocious, and could never do it, some how she manages. Her toes are another story. We are always making plans to paint her toesies (notice I say PLANS because we usually don't get to do it... damn crazy schedules!)

On Friday night Panda came over after work, and since we were going on an ADVENTURE Saturday, we thought it would be a PERFECT time to paint her fingers! And so we did!

These are both OPI polishes, but I don't remember at all...

Pretty good pictures right? Well, what if I told you that midway through her manicure, Panda was fast asleep. I have no idea how she did it... and I have no idea how I managed to finish with her pulling her hand back. It was fun! I also have a picture of her painted nails and her fast alseep... but... I'll just keep that for blackmail! Muahahahah!!!!

<3 Duckie


  1. This is such a cute manicure! :D She must have been REALLY tired!! XD

  2. Love the post, although I beg to differ about pulling my hand back, I think with the exception of the cat performing a blitz attack........NOTHING would have woken me!!! They turned out so well, I waited til stupid o'clock Sunday night to remove the polish. Great job Duckie!!! By the way, my toes are ready......