Friday, February 17, 2012

Painting my nails... [Challenge Post]

So after V-Day, it was time to change the Darth Maul nails (Rabbit assumed I was going to leave them on forever...)

We were able to come home early on Wednesday, and I was able to get an early start on my nails... or I thought...

Mom: "Can you paint my nails tonight?"
Me: "Sure..." (At this point I was taking off the old polish... foil method. I was not messing with 3 layers of glitter and a crackle coat.)

5 minutes later, V-Dog gets home from school.

V-Dog: "Oh! Can you paint my nails tonight?! You said we could water marble!"
Me: "Yes... It just takes a while to do that... how about we do an accent nail of it?"

This is a good compromise for her (she only sulked a little!) and goes off to do her homework.

My nails are ready to paint!

Mom: "Okay, ready!"


BUT, it turned out okay. Mom is into creams, and I had picked up 2 Nina Ultra Pro creams thinking of her.

So, after dinner was V-Dog's turn. Without even thinking, I started the process. Unfortunately, the water was too cold, and the colors weren't dotting well. I ended up heating up the water (one LOW) for about 5 minutes to get it to work. And work it did! 

Stupid blurry cell phone picture!

FINALLY! It was my turn. By this point it was 8:30, and I was tired. I picked out 2 colors that I didnt think would really go together, but, I didn't really care at that point either.

Sally Hansen Tender Mulberry, and Confetti Purple Pizzazz
 Surprisingly, it turned out pretty ok!

But, then I went to bed. I was reading, and notice a smudge. I looked closely at all of my nails, and all but my right thumb nail were messed up. I tried to unsmudge.  That was when I realized the nail polish was not dry at ALL on the base coat. I was able to push all of the polish down in one sheet.

This ended up being a nail fail. Thursday morning was spent removing the remainder of the polish, and applying a base coat, while waiting for Rabbit.


Anyone else have a big nail let down?

<3 Duckie

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  1. I have had plenty of those!!! It seems that it happens when I am rushed or tired :(