Friday, February 17, 2012

50th Post! Neat! [Challenge Post]

I'm kind of disappointed that this won't be a long post...

So... since I have to use all of stamps, and there were 5 "heart" type stamps left... I thought... why not do a Valentine's theme. No one will no how long I have had this mani on (well, except for YOU guys!)

Now for some horrible cell phone pictures (seriously... worst yet...)

Colors Used: Sally Hansen Shell we Dance, CQ No Name, Orly Ma Cherie, Finger Paints Watermelon Watercolor, Revlon Cupid, Nicole by OPI Love Your Life

Turned out pretty okay though! Also, notice my middle and ring finger are slightly shorter and more shaped? Yea... I never thought there would be a day that the words "My nails are too long" came out of my mouth...

<3 Duckie

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