Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Introducing White Lightening! [Challenge Post]

My "cousin" White Lightening stopped over tonight. He has been coming around a lot. Another stray into the household. His dog even moved in yesterday. He wants me to tell the world that he really wants to join the welder's union.

Anyway... White Lightening and I grew up together, and have had many adventures together. Stories for another day...

My mani for tonight is "Cougar Attack! Rawr!" Or... that's what I called it anyway.

Can't get a non blurry picture...

Wet N Wild "Cougar Attack" over Finger Paints "It Baroque"
Now... I'm going the fuck to bed!

<3 Duckie


  1. I hope you have an awesome sleep!
    Gorgeous nails! :D

  2. Oh how you guys love your! The nails do look gorgeous. Maybe it's time for a new phone with a better camera......