Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm a horrible blogger...

Uh... hey folks. You still with me? Thanks!

Guess who got bored of her challenge and made a dot of about 50+ polishes to finish her challenge?

Any guesses?

Right! It was me!

Anyway... I have now started painting my nails with all of my colors. And I keep buying more. And I have started doing DIY nail stickers which is super fun.

Thanks for following me! Perhaps I will start up again soon!

<3 Duckie


  1. Hey the only reason to do the challenge is if you are having a good time with it. ^-^ DIY nail stickers are so fun!!

  2. You're wretched! How could you leave us? ;)

    Well, even if you've paused in the blog - you created a monster in me. I'm over 50 polishes now. Luckily - Mark tells me to buy more. LOL


  3. Oi...let's get a new post yah?

    Also, I'm going to be starting me own blog and uh not that it will have anything to do with polish, I wouldn't mind if you stopped by and brought your addicts with you from time to time.


  4. Ok, since you haven't been posting regularly I am blaming you for the shape of my nails. I have to blame somebody.

  5. How how how are you making DIY nail stickers?? I wanna know hehe!! Don't worry I didn't post anything for a out 3 months. Hopefully there is at least one person who still reads it hehe. Cute blog and writing style by the way!

  6. Hey! I just nominated you for a Leibster Award. Check out the details here: Liebster Award