Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm a horrible blogger...

Uh... hey folks. You still with me? Thanks!

Guess who got bored of her challenge and made a dot of about 50+ polishes to finish her challenge?

Any guesses?

Right! It was me!

Anyway... I have now started painting my nails with all of my colors. And I keep buying more. And I have started doing DIY nail stickers which is super fun.

Thanks for following me! Perhaps I will start up again soon!

<3 Duckie

Monday, February 27, 2012

Double Challenge Post!

Not much to say... just 2 days' worth of manis:



Actually had to repaint this... I didn't put a top coat on, and tried to make dinner... bad idea... looks better now!

<3 Duckie

I put the ICING on the cake...

Why hasn't anyone told me about Icing before now?!!

While Rabbit took the kids to Justice, Panda and I went over to Icing (we didn't know what it was, other than it was owned by Claire's).

We were not in the door for 10 seconds before I had 3 bottles of polish in my hands... I am in love...

These are from Rite Aid... Whimsical and Scandalous! Woot!


The whole haul! + Rabbit in the background!
Have you ever been to Icing? What do you think?

<3 Duckie

Catching up yet again...

So... Rabbit and I now share a computer. At least for right now. A certain 10 year old... knocked a full cup of soda on Rabbit's laptop.

So let's catch up from this weekend...

Kathulhu's nails were done on Saturday morning:

all free hand!

I remembered to get a picture of the colors! I did NOT remember the names...
Next up was Tiny Fingers:

That's rainbow!!!!
And Mom! We used one of my new Icing polishes (look for the haul post next!)

How many people's fingers and toes do YOU paint in a week?!

<3 Duckie

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Introducing White Lightening! [Challenge Post]

My "cousin" White Lightening stopped over tonight. He has been coming around a lot. Another stray into the household. His dog even moved in yesterday. He wants me to tell the world that he really wants to join the welder's union.

Anyway... White Lightening and I grew up together, and have had many adventures together. Stories for another day...

My mani for tonight is "Cougar Attack! Rawr!" Or... that's what I called it anyway.

Can't get a non blurry picture...

Wet N Wild "Cougar Attack" over Finger Paints "It Baroque"
Now... I'm going the fuck to bed!

<3 Duckie

Kathulhu's Camo Mani

This turned out pretty well! We used some colors that I don't remember (as usual... and... let's just face it, I will never remember to write the colors down with her... its like a mental block...)

Anyway... I'm tired and can't think of anything to say... Check it out...

Stamped like 4 colors

<3 Duckie

Jinx attempt 2... fail again! [Challenge Post]

UGH! Why do I keep trying these?!

Literally before I was done with all 10 fingers, my right hand was already chipping. These lasted... 3 hours? If not shorter. Do NOT buy Jinx Nail Polish Strips from 5 Below...

See them chipping already?
Fuck that.

<3 Duckie